Tuesday, 4 December 2012

About time too........

Tuesday 4th December

Hello everyone. Sorry you've not heard from us for a while but we've had a few problems, some with family health and some with places we wanted to go but couldn't yet (although we will get there). Still, I won't bore you with these minor details. Suffice to say that we have finally decided on our second visit and we are going to...........................The Three Swans at Market Harborough, Leicestershire. 

We are going next Monday, 10th December, (my birthday as it happens) and expect to be there around 8:00 pm. Anyone who lives in that area and reads this is most welcome to come along and have a chat, a couple of beers and, hopefully, a few laughs. 

After the visit we will post our thoughts pretty quickly as I'm going to be spending some time at home for the next few weeks.

It's nice to see we've had over 1000 views of our blog now but a little disappointing that we've only had THREE comments (all good) so we'd like to see a few more, even if you think we're a pair of numpties.

Anyway, if you can make it on Monday, come along. If you can't, unlucky. Maybe we'll be in your neck of the woods next time. Cheers!

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