Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Ostrich, Colnbrook, Summary

15th February 2014

Well, we're back. Sorry it's been a while but we've had some family illness and this project has been on the back-burner for a while but, hopefully, everything is back to normal and we can carry on.

All in all the visit to The Ostrich was pretty crap. Apart from the fact that we had a pretty bad time in Slough, the pub itself was disappointing. Though full of history, some of which is still pretty evident, we didn't get to speak to any locals because there weren't any, the landlord wasn't there and what the current owners have done to the place is just short of criminal. It could have been a new build made to look old, a themed pub (my pet hate).

Can I also add my apologies. As anyone with kids will know, Christmas with young kids can be an expensive time, and county hopping in search of the perfect pub has to take a back seat... Mind you, my lad had some AWESOME Lego for me to build! 

As this epic quest has been on hold, I gotta admit I'm struggling to remember much about the place... the stand out moments are the brilliant rock pub in Slough, and Slough itself, unfortunately, for the wrong reasons...

A couple of things I do remember... the area was nice, as was the exterior, and although there was some dodgy design choices on the exterior which left a lot to be desired, (the giant glass doors in the archway) I do understand that we do have to move with the times, and any place can only survive if they have paying customers, and if such designs pull in the punters... so be it.
The interior on the other hand... ruined by the stainless steel canteen/bar, not welcoming, not appealing, as though some spotty kid from head office has had a look in his book and bought something from the ikea catalogue and bought the cheapest...

The biggest memory of The Ostrich was disappointment... not with the pub, but the atmosphere. Saturday night and this place was dead, aside from the 2 toffs and 3 "emos" sat outside. We do these pub visits with the intention of meeting the locals, hearing some classic pub folklore, and hopefully make some new friends. Not a chance here. This was compounded by the fact that the previous night we'd stumbled across pub nirvana and had a great night. 

Sorry Ostrich... but Emu is more interesting than you....

So much for the Ostrich. Now for our next visit!

 On March 8th we are going to Ye Olde White Horse in Spalding. I've spoken to the landlady, Sam, and she seems quite interested and says there are some interesting old fellas that we can talk to so hopefully we will have a better experience there. If anyone reading this blog lives in the area, please come on down and have a beer and a chat with us, see you there, Cheers!!

(you don't think I'm showing my age when I mentioned Emu, do you Dad?)

(No...........well i hope not or they'll think i'm feckin Methuselah)