Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ye Olde Boars Head, Middleton, Summary

Well, what a great place and what a great time we had! We were given a very warm welcome by everyone involved and couldn't believe it when we made the front page of the local paper!

 The Boars Head has changed almost beyond recognition from it's humble beginnings as three residential cottages, through it's time as the local sessions house, to the thriving pub it is today. It has moved with the times but lost none of it's Olde Worlde charm thanks to the present and past publicans and the brewery, J W Lees (and thanks to the locals because without their support the place couldn't carry on).
Ye Olde Boars Head as it used to be

I have to agree with dad, it's great to see a pub on our list retain that "olde worlde" aspect, and still be a thriving local watering hole, and not "generic corporate eatery No.1". I started to have some concerns after the first couple of inns on our list that we were gonna meet some soulless, faceless business pubs, but Ye Olde Boars Head has given us some good memories, happy hangovers, and high hopes for our quest. If you happen to be in or around Middleton, I can tell you a good place for a drink....

Yes, it's well worth a visit and, if you do call in, say hello to Leanne for us. And take a look around the area. If you stand up at St Leonards and look across the town, you can  see a few old mills that evoke memories of Lowrys' paintings and if you stare long enough you can almost see the smoke belching out the chimneys and the flat capped workers making their way home (bloody hell Clint! I went all poetic then, pass a Stella quick!!!)

SO! moving on.... Got to apologize.  It's been a while since we updated this blog, but we have been discussing the quest at length, firstly, the next pub, which I'll leave for dads big reveal at the end, secondly, when?

We got a few things on... and they are all reliant on when payday falls!, also, I was visited by the modern day Dick Turpin that is the M.o.T, (a paltry £328) My son has got his 5th birthday coming up, so provided there's no financial disasters, we plan on taking him to Legoland, Windsor, which ain't that far from Slough....

We had planned on going to a pub in Lincolnshire but we are having to shelve that one for a while, partly due to finances as my son said but also I'm having some work done at home (I'm taking up and relaying my patio and my kitchen's being replaced starting Thursday) and this leads us into July.

This is also going to be a busy (and expensive) month. On the 2nd my wife and I are going to see Mrs Browns' Boys, on the 4th we are all going to Legoland and stopping for a couple of days and then on the 9th me and Clint are going to see Kings Of Leon. And in the midst of all this, on Friday the 5th of July we are going to the fourth pub on our list, namely....................YE OLDE OSTRICH, COLNBROOK (near Slough). I hope we're not being premature with this announcement as I haven't contacted the landlord of the pub yet. He or she might tell us to piss off!

Finally, thanks again to Leanne, Geoff and Chris for making our visit to Middleton so memorable. It's raised the bar and means that  future ventures and venues have a lot to live up to!!

Clint Leanne and Steve in the Old Sessions Room