Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Wednesday 17th October

Hello again. Just a quick word. It has been brought to our attention that, in order to post a comment on our blog, people have to register with the Blogger website and I can understand how many folk can't be arsed with that (which may explain why we are not getting many comments) (or folks just think we're crap) so we are thinking of maybe also posting on Facebook where readers can comment as often as they like.

The only trouble with this is that Facebook doesn't offer us the same facilities. We won't get a count of how many people are viewing the blog nor any idea where they are from. On Blogger we can see how many people are looking and from which countries. For instance, as I write there are a couple of people in the UK and one in Argentina reading our last post and we've had our first views from Spain and Italy this week. I'd hate to lose this aspect of it.

So while we discuss how we are going to proceed I've set up an e-mail address that you can write your comments on If  I get a few mails I'll try to answer them, time permitting. Anyway, thanks for listening,



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  1. You can change your blog settings so that anyone can post comments. The risk is that you end up with a lot of spam, but your blog would probably have to become a lot better known for that to happen.