Saturday, 15 September 2012

Getting Ready

Saturday 15th September

Hi, Steve here... 

Well, we're sorted for the first visit at last. We selected the pub that we're going to (number 1, gotta start somewhere...) and I rang them, got an e-mail address and mailed them. Mail failed. Tried again. Failed again. 

In the end Clint rang them.

Didn't you Clint?

So I rang this pub and, would you credit it, the Manager is away on holiday until next Friday (21st Sept) but I spoke to the assistant manager and she was very helpful. I explained what we wanted to do (talk to regulars, take photos etc.) and she said there should be plenty of opportunity as she had a few regulars in mind and it shouldn't be a problem. I've contacted both the local papers letters page and a local history group so lots of people should know we're coming. As I'm typing this I've just received a mail from Alastair, the Chairman of the  local history group saying they are looking forward to meeting us and supplying us with some interesting stories. How spooky is that??? It's gotta be a sign that we're into something bigger than us!!!!

Once we decided on the pub I thought I'd do a bit of research on t'interweb and some of the tales make excellent reading and brilliant blog material. Can't wait to tell you about it.

Right! Time to reveal all....

On Saturday 22nd September we are going to visit The Bears Head at Brereton near Sandbach, Cheshire.

We are hoping to arrive in Brereton around 4.00pm to explore the village a bit and look forward to meeting lots of people at the pub later and having a chat (and a drink) (or two) (or whatever). 

By the sounds of it we will probably have too much information to put in one blog so bear with us and we will get stuff published as soon as poss.

So, see you there.....

P. S. How the bigger print peeps?

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